Ghost In The Graveyard

• Currently In Development

• Team Project Development:

  • – Project Manager & Programmer
  • – Co-Programmer & Level Designer
  • – 3D Artist & Animation Creator

• Hide & Seek Style Gameplay

• Universal Render Pipeline

• Enemy Utilizes Nav Mesh Agent AI

• Unity Game Engine

• Programmed in C#

• Coming to PC & Mobile


• Solo Indie Development

• Grid Based Turn Based

• Inventory System

• Enemy AI Controller

• Unity Game Engine

• Programmed in C#

• Launched on Steam

• Available on PC

Kuro TD

• Solo Indie Development

• Tower Defense Game

• Archer, Cannon & Mage Towers

• 5 Tower Upgrades each

• Human, Orc, Elf & Undead Enemies

• Unity Game Engine

• Programmed in C#

• Launched on Itch.IO

• Available on PC


Task Manager

•Sharpen your focus

•Built in Pomodoro Timer

•Auto Save & Track your progress

•Auto Generate a daily goal

• Available on PC

Kuroware Prototypes!

Open World

A quick Example of using mass generated Terrain tools.

THis sample could easily turn into an open world exploration game.


Kuro Ranger

A concept that was inspired by Zelda: Wind Waker

I prototyped a 3D third person Low Poly adventure game where a ranger has to arch down his enemies with multiple different power ups such as Fire, Lightning and Holy Arrows!

Kuro RPG

A demostration of a fully operational RPG that includes an inventory system and characrer click based movement