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Full Bridge Rectifier [V2.0]

The Arduino alternates a Relay* (positive flow) and two Transistors* (negative flow) on/off. Then the Arduino takes input from a Potentiometer* to determine the time delay.

Capacitor Go BOOM

***Disclaimer: Don’t try this as home***

That said, I used about a 15.4V & ~5A Power Supply with a 10V & 100uF Capacitor 😈

(SKIP TO 1:41 for BOOM)

Full Bridge Rectifier

 [LED Circuit Version]
This is a Full Bridge Rectifier (sorta). This circuit has an input of 8V DC and uses buttons to alternate the input direction. Thus simulating an AC input for my testing purposes. The important take away is the Green LED is always on, despite the input direction. With an AC input, capacitor and a battery instead of the Green LED a Full Bridge Rectifier could be used to charge a battery!

Dog Treat Dispenser Prototype

Dog Treat Dispenser Prototype, Using a stepper motor and Arduino.


Just cause I can. Hell yeah!


I built Robot car kit to hopefully entertain the dog for a while.

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